Monday, April 5, 2010

Honey able kill Cancer cells

One Egyptian specialists assert that honey is one of the most valuable foodstuffs and many benefits for mankind. Honey contains active substances that can stimulate certain enzymes work, so it can resist the growth of cancer cells.

Professor of medicine at the Egyptian National Research Centre, Dr. Zakariyya Al-Khayyat explained that the substance contained zinc in honey has an important role to stimulate growth of cells that become major players in the contest against cancer cells, in addition to several anti-cancer cells of another. And a series conducted by a group of researchers in these institutions also proved that honey has an incredible ability to suppress the oxidation process, because honey contains a large number of antioxidant substances.

Dr. Al-Khayyat also said that the levels of zinc, iron, silenium, and magnesium in the blood of some animal experiments that pain had increased after they were given honey.

He also said that the effectiveness of the use of honey can provide great benefits for performance improvement in liver blood flow of rats who are sick, after the rats were given a honey, which when combined with the rats who were not given honey, it turns out the performance of liver rats fed on honey is much better.

Dr. Al-Khayyat also said that honey is one of the most important source of balanced nutrition, because honey contains carbohydrates, protein, minerals and other important substances such as potassium, copper, iron, zinc, manganes, Krum, calcium, silenium and magnesium.


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