Friday, April 9, 2010

Beware of Artificial Sweeteners

World Health Medicine - Many false perception created in the community about the 'virtues' of artificial sugar commonly used by the crowded soft drink market. As one of them not a few people think that by replacing regular sodas with drinking diet soda (low calorie) could be healthier because of low sugar content.

Different from ordinary soda drinks with low calorie soda contained in pemanisnya. Most diet soft drinks (low calorie) Low calorie sugar, one of which is aspartame. Many securities are not good to health caused by aspartame. Other studies have also shown that low-calorie sugar found in soda has no effect on weight loss, but it can promote weight loss.

Not only on soft drinks, aspartame or saccharine common in products other soft drinks. It's good for you who are undergoing the diet to avoid foods or drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. The problem, a study from Liverpool University found that artificial sweeteners do not help you lose weight and even the opposite effect.

Our bodies, according to researcher Professor Soraya Shirazi-Beechey, can not distinguish the calories from sugar substitute commonly used in food industry results with real sugar. Just like the original sugar, artificial sweeteners also activate sensors in the gut that is the key to the absorption of glucose.

As a result, the body will process the extra sugar and all the calories contained in them. For those of you who go on a diet, this is synonymous with having little or no experience weight loss. Over time, according to researchers, this even trigger weight gain.

"It is better to consume natural foods and limit artificial sweeteners," Beechey said, as quoted dailymail site.

In this study, researchers study the processes that occur in the small intestine, where absorption of glucose or sugar from food into the vein.

Beechey identified that the cells that detect glucose will then release the hormones necessary to assist the transport of sugar through the intestinal lining and into the blood. This sugar will then be converted into fat. These cells, light Beechey, will also release hormones when meeting with artificial sweeteners. "Artificial sweeteners can also enable and enhance the capacity of the glucose sensor intestine to absorb more sugar."

Therefore, the light Beechey, if you often consume a diet cola in order to stay slim, you may be getting the opposite. This is because the artificial sweetener will activate the sensor, so you absorb more sugar from the diet. [] (RIPI/DA)

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