Sunday, April 4, 2010

Benefits of Honey for Health

Allah SWT has enable people to make honey as a panacea, and in fact if the honey is not/has not been able to cure illness or another not only in the ways that human stupidity and how to use the consumption of honey. Allah SWT also has made it easier to make honey existing in almost every region on the surface of this earth. Honey was so beneficial to human health and can not be separated in human life. Here are some of the benefits of honey for human health.

# Honey as a sweetener. Sugar can be replaced with honey in a variety of foods and beverages. Honey has a composition of approximately 69% of glucose and fructose sugar, which allows use as a sweetener instead of sugar.

# Honey as an energy source. Honey is also widely used as an energy source that provides about 64 calories per tablespoon.

# Honey may reduce body weight. Although honey has more calories than sugar, honey, if the consumption of warm water helps in absorbing the fat that is stored in your body. Similarly, honey mixed with lemon juice and honey with cinnamon helps reduce weight.

# Improved performance of athletes. Recent research shows that honey can improve performance (ergogenic) excellent assistance and help in encouraging the athlete's performance. Honey facilitate in maintaining blood sugar muscle healing and recovery after exercise.

# Honey as a source of vitamins and minerals. Honey contains many vitamins and minerals. The nutrient content of vitamins and minerals contained in the honey depends on what is in the suction nectar by honey bees.

# Honey has anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal, thus honey can be used as a natural antiseptic.

# Antioxidants. Honey has a content of nutraceuticals, which effectively remove free radicals from our bodies. The result, increases the body's immune.

# Treatment of skin with milk and honey. Milk and honey is often referred to together as the main ingredient that makes the skin smoother and softer. Therefore, in many countries a lot of milk and honey consumption.


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