Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Provide Healthy Foods

Children, especially toddlers aged, will eat whatever food was in the house. Therefore it is important to arrange the food to be served. Here are the instructions that can be followed:

* Provide fruits and vegetables every day and at every meal time

* Point the child to choose healthy foods by providing fruits and vegetables ready to eat. Other nutritious foods can also be an option, such as low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, celery, or can also cereals and cheese biscuits

* Cooked lean meat and other protein sources such as fish, eggs, and nuts

* Select bread made from cereals so kids get plenty of fiber

* Limit your fat intake by avoiding foods fried in oil that much and instead choose a more healthy cooking methods, such as by boiling, roasting, and steaming. Choose low fat foods

* Limit the consumption of ready meals and other less nutritious foods, like chips and candy. But that does not mean children should not eat at all. Let them eat it all the time so that children do not feel lost his favorite food

* Limit the consumption of sweet drinks, like sodas and fruit drinks. Provide water and low-fat milk instead

How to Give examples
The best way to foster healthy eating habits is to start from yourself. Children will imitate their parents habits which they see everyday. By eating fruits and vegetables each day and limiting foods that are not nutritious, is the proper starting.

Another possible way is to limit food portions and not overeating. Stop eating when it feels full. Parents who are always dieting or complaining about body shape to encourage children to think negatively about the food.

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