Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rambutan fruit for health benefits

Rambutan fruit for health benefits - Lowland crop was planted as a fruit tree. Height can reach about 15-25 m, and has many branches. His compound pinnate leaf with an alternate location. Light green flowers, arranged in bunches at the end of the twig and smelling good.

Round-oval fruit shape, with recurved thorns attached. Green colored rind and a yellow or red if the fruit is ripe. While the elliptical-shaped seed, wrapped in transparent white flesh, many containing water and can be eaten. Any fruit flavor varies from sweet to sour.

Rambutan Fruit Ingredients:

This tropical fruit on the plant contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. The content of tannins and saponins found in the skin of the fruit and leaves. While the seeds contain fat and polyphenols.

Rambutan Fruit Usefulness:

Rambutan that require moist climate to grow this, it has many properties for health. Skin fruit of this plant could be used as a fever-lowering drug and dysentery. Its leaves can cure diarrhea and discolor hair. While nutritious fruit seeds lower blood sugar (hypoglycemic).


* Diabetes
Provide 5 (five) and rambutan seed gongseng and milled until it becomes powder. Pour boiling water with one cup hot water. After chilling, drinking water as well as 1-2 times / day.


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