Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to eat healthily - healthy life with healthy eating

Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy. If you have toddlers or teenagers, here are the best strategies to improve the nutritional quality and cultivate the habit of eating the right:

1st. Make a habit of eating regularly
2. Serve healthy meals and snacks with a varied menu
3. Parents should be able to give examples of healthy eating to their children
4th. Avoid problems that can arise from food
5. Involve children in the process

But it's not easy to apply the 5 steps above, even more so if someone already accustomed to eating foods that are ready to eat on the sidelines of an existing activity.

Here are some ways to make 5 steps above can be a daily habit:

Eating Together in family

Habit of eating with family is fun for parents and children. Children can get their favorite foods and parents can also become more familiar with their children. Another advantage to be gained by the children of a family eating together, among others:

* Enables children to eat more fruits, vegetables, and food
* Avoid children eating unhealthy food
* Prevent children from smoking, using marijuana, or drink alcohol;

Another advantage that can be acquired from eating with family is the ease of introducing new foods to children and parents can be an example for healthy eating.

Adolescents may resist eating habits along with their family, this is not surprising because at this age they are trying to show his true identity. However, research shows that adolescents still require advice and guidance of parents, then use this time to eat together as a medium to glue the relationship between children and parents. Under this strategy could also be considered:

* Allow children to invite friends for dinner
* Involve children in planning and preparation of food
* Try to calm the atmosphere to eat (avoid words sounding patronizing and scolding children)

Eating with family can be defined as eating food cooked by the family, and eating together outdoors. Tries to present a nourishing meal and followed by all members of the family. It can also be a late dinner after waiting all family members can gather. Or use weekend time to have lunch outside.


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