Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ulcer disease: Causes and Treatment

Ulcer disease is a disorder in the form of lesions or ulcer (ulcer) present in the oral cavity. Abnormalities of this ulcer there are various types, but most often experienced by people is the kind aphtous stomatitis or Canker sores. What causes thrush? What are symptoms of canker sores? And how the cold sore treatment?

Causes of ulcer disease
Ulcer lesions are usually found on the mucosal lip, cheek, tongue, soft palate, and gum base. The cause of canker sores remains unclear, but a lot of theory that says that the sores associated with immune problems.

Several types of diseases, lack of nutrient intake (particularly iron and vitamin B12), allergies, trauma (eg biting), stress, and hormonal changes (menstrual cycle) also can cause canker sores.

ulcer disease
ulcer disease may appear in the form of small-sized lesions, large, or in significant amounts. Ulcer lesions may also appear repeatedly or phrase is called recurrent.

Prior ulcer formed lesions, inflamed areas usually stung like a punctured or burned. After two or three days later the ulcer lesions formed on the inflamed area.

The pain of canker sores are usually small ones will be lost between 7 to 10 days, and these lesions will recover completely within 1 to 2 weeks. However, if the size of the lesion is large enough
ulcer disease lesion usually takes between several weeks to several months to heal.

Sores that do not recover within one week should be immediately consulted with my dentist. Because there are several other, more dangerous disease which it forms lesions similar to canker sores, including diseases such as oral cancer.

Sprue Treatment

Ulcer treatment was more focused on reducing pain symptoms. Gargling with warm water and eating soft foods that can reduce the discomfort associated with canker sores.

Some drugs can also be applied to the lesion lesion protect from irritants, including drugs orabase. If necessary, your dentist can prescribe these drugs.

Gargle with mouthwash that are antimicrobial also can be done to prevent lesions from infection, so the healing process would be faster.

To accelerate the healing of canker sores you can also consume vitamin C, which plays a role in tissue repair.

For canker sores are large enough, lesions are usually treated by applying a steroid medication. These drugs can accelerate the healing process and prevent the lesion in order not to increase.

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