Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Foods that arouse passionate Sex

Wine hipoglikemia be able to overcome the fatigue of the body. Eaten fresh or made beverage, believed to have the same effect. Moreover, when given to the mouth with a pair of finger play finger move erotic. Guaranteed to give the sensation seduce him toss the zest.

Avocado contains folic acid that helps the process of protein metabolism, which means giving more power. Avocado also contains vitamin B6 (which increase the nutrients male hormone production) and potasium (gland that helps set the tiroid women).

Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme can generate men Libido. In addition, bananas contains vitamin B and potasium which can increase the energy.

For you who want to eat fruit with this type of sensation that seduce, you can peel it first. Then ask the pair slowly eat and share with you through the mouth.

champagne not just drink, but also a combination of sex and romansa. Champagne is the best friend to spend a special moment, place the bed so it will not be complete without a drink this one.

For you who like to surprise the couple, there's no one to pour champagne all over the body, and complete with fruit, and he requested the menjilati body. This pair look forward immediately wrestled with you.

"Sushi naked" experience is introduced to eat the food of the nation of Japan. In Japan, it is called nyotaimori, which means "female body performance."

One way is never made Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) in the film "Sex and the City". Sam who want to partner with the court to smear the entire body with sushi, want to enjoy the passionate sex that extraordinary. At that time, he meets with the entire body sushi and hope in the lap by spouses.

Nah, for you who want to do, harmless mimic how the Japanese enjoy sex with beautiful nyotaimori. Guaranteed to give erotic experience that is not forgotten!

Shellfish contain high zinc substances that can improve sperm production and testosteron. Shells also contain dopamine, a popular hormone can increase Libido.

For you who want to enjoy this type of food with a partner, you can start with clean shells, open and mixed with ice. You can also beat them with a fresh citrus lemon.

Strawberry is a type of fruit that you can not savor its paltry. In each year, strawberry always synonymous with something romantic smell. Therefore, harmless fruit that you enter this one in the list of food Libido.

Strawberry to submerge chocolate, cream, or wine, is an important step that gives the effect seduce sensual.

Chocolate not only tasty eaten, this type of comestible also contains phenyl ethylamine, a chemical element can cause a feeling of "beloved". Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for maintaining the body's immune system.

Because chocolate became a kind of sensual food, then there is no one type of food to enter this event as the creativity in your bed.

Harmless for you to enter a rich Italian menu with a variety of types of pasta place in the struggle this time. The pasta is always have a special place in the romantic event.

Self-eat spaghetti is to share with each other's mouth, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic encounter

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