Monday, June 8, 2009

25 healthy diet tips

The following i want to say to you about diet tips, many people usually hope that their body in beauty. Here i get some tips that can you use and take it for your effort in diet life.

Slim and beautiful dream of all women. Although it is not easy to do but many women will be willing to withstand hunger and exercise for hours. Diet is not a good way to fast food but also the settings based on age and activity. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to make your diet better and more healthy.

1. Avoid all the thought, or not at all. Fasting is not the best way to lose weight. Eat Feed secukupnya and set a calorie wise.
2. Potonglah fruits you like in the snippet to replace the small snack that is not healthy.
3. Avoid eating cemilan from toples, you will not realize how much that has to go in your mouth. Put in the plate or simply take handful.

4. If you include people who like bread, choose a wholegrain.
5. Avoid foods that contain fat more than 10 percent. Read the nutrition label information on food in cardboard
6. Write the food that you have santap for 2 weeks. Trust you'll be surprised!
7. Butter has saturated fat contents. Avoid or replace it with low fat.
8.Bring bottled water wherever you go. That way you will not be terdehidrasi and also less likely to choose the bersoda or drink too much sugar.
9. Try to detoxification, to remove the poison in your body
Snack # good for you to lunch or to prevent the over-night.
10. Look for a friend or partner to berdiet together. This will make both of you can motivate each other.
11. Find out your destructive habits diet program. If you like bread mengemil the gym, change your route!
12. Drink lots of mineral water
13. Vegetables are low in calories but do not be cooked too long because the nutrient contents can be changed.
14. If you used to eat large spada weekend. Try a snack of low fat and calories stored either in the cupboard!
15. Always choose the smallest portion of the restaurant menu
16. Buy a Juicer and start create your own creative juice. Do not forget to try vegetable juice. Vitamin-rich and less fruktosa.
17. Do not think that the salad is always safe consumption. They usually also combined with mayonnaise and cheese.
18. brush you theth if you desire ngemil appear. Taste the food to be bad once you brush the teeth.
19. Want to eat chocolate? Choose low fat chocolate!
20. Portion increases while eating STDs? Opponent with Almond nuts consumed. They give a lot of protein and also reduces the desire ngemil food sweet.
21. Choose a boiled food, berkuah, in the team, or burned before you select the fried.
22. Choose a celery diet as a loyal friend from now on.
23.Note how svelte woman ordering food. Find out and make them secret, a secret you.
24. Use chopsticks to slow your eating.
25. Avoid the mengemil you bored, Take the things you want to do but not had time!

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