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prevent cough with traditional medicine

Coughing is not a disease. Coughing is the body's defense mechanisms in the respiratory tract and is a symptom of a disease or a reaction against the body irritation in the throat because of the mucus, food, dust, smoke and so forth.

occurs because a particular stimulus, such as dust in the cough reseptor (nose, respiratory tract, and even the ears). Then reseptor will stream through the nerve to the cough center in the brain. Here will give signals to the body musculature to remove the foreign substances before, until there hacking cough.

Acute and chronic

Cough can be divided into two types, namely acute cough and chronic cough, they are grouped based on time.

Acute cough
is a cough that lasts less than 14 days, and in 1 episode. If the cough is more than 14 days occurred in 3 or episode during the 3 months in a row, called a chronic cough or chronic cough repeatedly.

Recurrent chronic cough that often attack children is due to asthma, tuberkolosis (TB), and pertussis (whooping cough / cough 100 days). Pertussis is a chronic cough caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis can be prevented by immunization DPT.

The cause of cough

There are several kinds of causes of cough:

1. Generally caused by infection in the respiratory tract, which is the top of the symptoms of flu.
2. Respiratory tract infection of the top (ISPA).
3. Allergies
4. Asthma or tuberculosis
5. A foreign object into the channel of the breath
6. Hiccup due to drink susu
7. Inhale cigarette smoke from people around
8. Psikogenik cough. Coughing is caused because a lot of emotional and psychological problems.

Treat cough with honey

When you rest the night was itchy throat, do not rush the cough medicine. There is a choice of medicines that more natural, simple, but effective. Honey.

To get the benefits of that, you do not need a lot of liquid honey. Fair use 1-2 tsp, as needed. Add hot tea and lemon extract for a better effect.

In addition to relieve throat, honey also contains antioxidants.

According to the latest research results, honey can also have effects antibacterial, so that it can be an alternative therapy sinusitis.

Drops of a liquid honey to a cup of hot water. suck its steam. This nutritious complaint to reduce nasal congestion as well as the bacteria


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