Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orgasm make Length Age?

Health researchers have revealed that many, if orgasme very important for women. Not only as a satisfaction, but more factors to physical and mental health. Because, if women make, but often do not experience high orgasm infected myoma due to its stagnant blood flow.

In addition to infected myoma, orgasm can create a lack of mind and body often experience stress. Orgasm evidence increase production of hormones estrogen and expedite the flow of blood in the area of intimate organ. When the orgasm, the stagnant blood can flow smoothly and helps clean the body of pathogenic bacteria that can cause disease.

If you rarely experience orgasm, which stopped the flow of blood does not flow smoothly and can cause some serious diseases. In addition to women, men who rarely experience orgasm will also a negative impact on the quality of life. According to data collected by researchers from the Royal University in Belfast, UK man who regularly experience orgasm life is longer than men who rarely experience it.

To have sex regularly is recommended for men and women. Because the impact will be positive for health, in addition to maintaining the intimacy of the relationship must also always be made. It will make you and your partner ageless.


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