Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The benefits of Salam leaf (daun salam) | kegunaan daun salam

Salam leaf used primarily as a spice, to scent cuisine in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, both for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and rice. The leaves are mixed in this whole situation, dried or fresh, and to partake of food is cooked well. Spices give this unique herb flavor, but not hard. In the market and in the kitchen, greeting often paired with ginger laos alias.

Wood reddish orange brown and medium quality. Wood is classified into the wood kelat (trade name) can be used as a building material and furniture. Skin stem contains a tanin, often used as ubar (for coloring and preservative) nets, webbing material of bamboo and others. Skin stem and leaf used as a regular ingredient of a traditional cure for stomach ache. Regards the fruit is eaten as well, although only children are.

Dry salam leaf contains about 0.17% essential oil, with an important component metil eugenol and kavikol (methyl chavicol) in it. Ethanol extract of leaves showed the effect antijamur and antibakteri, while the extract is its anti metanol worms, especially on nematoda pine wood Bursaphelenchus xylophilus.


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