Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dental Health and Dental perforated

Suffering from dental pain is not a pleasant experience. The pain can make even adults cry. Perforated teeth usually become the beginning of our suffering causes toothache. Toothache a health problem that is also serious for many people. What actually happens to the teeth when we have toothache? What a result of perforated teeth? How do I prevent toothache?

Perforated teeth that are not as durable due to contention at the time of the first. This theory stand up to year 1700-an until Willoughby Miller an American dentist, who works at the University of Berlin to find the causes of tooth decaying. He found that the hole caused by a dental meeting between the bacteria and sugar. The bacteria will change the rest of the sugar from food into acids that cause tooth clabber environment (natural environment should be basa teeth) and the acid is what ultimately makes a small hole on the email services.

Hole occurs when the teeth on the email, we have not felt the toothache. However, the small hole next to the email can be slit and the rest of the food the bacteria will make the hole bigger punch dentin. At this time we will feel the earthquake on the teeth while eating. When you left, hole to hole on the nerve so that we will start to feel sick tooth. This process will not stop until the teeth eventually become exhausted and the only root of the tooth.

Dental pain can not be regarded as the opinion of some people, because if left, can make the teeth become red and swollen. In addition, the teeth can be a means of perforated channel entrance to the germ line blood disease that can cause kidney, lung, heart and other diseases.

To avoid growing worse, so if you have a perforated teeth should immediately visit your dentist to treat them. Although many people do not like going to the dentist for the reason that no matter the situation with the dentist, worried that high costs, fear or shame diejek because of damaged teeth, but to go to the dentist is the best solution to overcome the toothache. Perforated teeth can not heal itself. Although, perhaps after suffering toothache, the pain may be lost but the situation does not improve teeth. Akan perforated teeth fixed, his hole even more and will continue to expand.

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