Saturday, July 11, 2009

Air Putih Berbahaya Bagi Bayi | White Water is Harmful to Baby

The most needed by baby is Mother's milk Water (ASI). The provision of additional food or drink would be dangerous to the baby's health, particularly infants aged less than six months.

Infants aged under 6 months should not be white for drinking water. When the baby thirsty, give breastfeeding or at least, formula milk. The provision of water for white infants, especially when given in excessive, can trigger water to the poisoned baby. This condition is very dangerous.

Scientists from the John Hopkins children's center in the Baltimore, the body of a baby not yet ready to accept any food or drink other than breastmilk or drink that is formulated specifically for the baby (such as formula milk).

Kidney in infants aged less than 6 months have not really perfect function. When the body receives too much fluid (water white), kidney will trigger body reacts issued many natrium. Natrium loss can affect brain activity.

Early symptoms of water intoxication is baby will cry whine badger, or vice versa, the baby looks sleepy and passive. Other symptoms that can appear is decreasing body temperature, edema, or swelling around the face and taut.

Symptoms that appear early are sometimes unclear, so the new parents when their baby is a strain. However, with handling a fast, spastic symptoms may not appear.

Dr. Jennifer Anders, a specialist children's emergency department from John Hopkins children's center states, water as a beverage should not be given to infants under 6 months. Parents should also avoid the dilution formula with excessive (over-dilution).


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