Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preventing Dental perforated

To prevent the occurrence of holes in the teeth, you can perform the following steps:

1. Check the teeth regularly
Visit the dentist every 6 months even if you do not feel the toothache. This is necessary so that doctors can detect the small hole that occurred in the tooth and can be immediately so that the hole is not large. Can also detect the tooth that is not flat or crooked that can cause the teeth difficult to clean.

2. Brush teeth regularly and in a timely manner
Morning after breakfast and dinner, before bed is a great time to brush teeth. Saliva does not leave much time on our bed, so the teeth will be damaged if you leave food residue on the tooth brush without it. Saliva is useful to protect teeth from bacteria causes tooth hollow.

3. Brush teeth the right way
Despite brush teeth regularly has been done but if done in a way that is not correct, the result will not be maximum. The correct way is to wipe down to the tooth for front (incisor) the top, brush the teeth towards the top to the bottom of the front teeth and brush for the flat molar. Molar tooth brush should be longer, because in the tooth paste this potential is the remnants of food.

4. Rinse after meals
Brush the teeth is not possible after we eat, the best way is rinse-kumur so that the rest of the food does not stick and continue to reduce the acid in the teeth.

5. Use dental floss to remove food residue
The remaining food is left behind, should not be issued using the toothpick. Use toothpick can cause a rift between the larger adjacent teeth can cause sores on the gum.

6. Select a toothpaste containing fluorida
Using a toothpaste containing fluorida. This substance is one maker of email services. The existence of these substances can prevent contamination in the teeth.

7. Eating food that filamentous
Consume vegetables or fruits can make sure the teeth stronger and prevent the occurrence of perforated teeth.

8. Reduce foods that contain sugar and flour
When this type of food left behind on the teeth and the bacteria will cause the acid to create a hollow tooth.


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