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The characteristics of pregnancy | The characteristics of pregnant women

The characteristics of pregnancy - you may be a woman or a husband that you're thinking that your wife or you are pregnant, or have characteristics such as the pregnancy? To ensure that, the following are characteristics or pregnancycharacteristics that pregnant people are categorized in several characteristics:

1. Frequently Remove Small Water
This progress in two periods, the period of pregnancy and the period of young pregnancy. After the age of 12 weeks of pregnancy, the womb is already started up two fingers in the pelvis, had been to the stomach cavity. At that time the uterus will bladder. Not surprisingly, more often Moms want to dispose of urine. This will take place from age 12 to 16 pregnancy weeks.

In the pregnancy, often caused because the urine had been to the fetus pelvis. Usually there is a decrease in the head start from the age of fetus 34 weeks pregnancy to 37 weeks.

2. Belly up
Because the growth of fetus. 20 weeks of pregnancy on the top of the womb with navel (umbilicus). Most of the women started to show on the stomach is 16 weeks of pregnancy. If Moms regular control to the doctor, can be known whether the development of the fetus according to the age of pregnancy, twin pregnancy or whether there any interference with the development of the fetus.

3. The stomach ache at Down
Stomach feels tight as CHAPTER want, or feel pain in the lower part of the stomach. Will be felt first at the age of 16-18 weeks of pregnancy due to contraction.

Actual age of the pregnancy of 12 weeks fetus has begun to move, but Moms have not been felt because the size of the womb is still small. Movement fetus more clearly felt at the age of 24 weeks of pregnancy. Each time the fetus moves would increase the womb which is called Braxton Hicks contraction, indicating the existence of stimulus from the fetus to the womb Moms. Conversely, if the pregnancy occurs outside the womb, Moms do not feel the fetus in a contraction of the womb.

4. Breast and belly fast
Also affected by the increase in hormones during pregnancy that cause blood vessel dilation and nutrition on the breast. This change will be felt after the age of 3 months of pregnancy. Stalk and surrounding areas will be large and dark colored, and there are small spots that arise around the practice, it is called skin gland.

5. Hands and feet swell
Not experienced by all pregnant women. But, the foot is reasonable as long as the increase of blood pressure in Moms in the normal limit. This is caused by changes in blood volume that will be automatically doubled to meet the needs of fetus so that the burden of increased heart weight. Hence, pregnant women should not stand or sit too long. Feared fluid decreased blood will down by gravity or style going Retention fluids (liquids excessive cumulation).

To reduce the liquid Retention avoid sitting or standing too long. At the time lie a little leg up legs Moms, reduce the salt or use salt in reasonable limits.

Usually arise when the swelling began to age 24 weeks of pregnancy, but on average occurred at 28 or 32 week-age pregnancy. But, remember! Must be carefully whether hands and feet still swell in the limit of reasonable or otherwise, occurred poisoned pregnancy (preeklampsia).

6. More sensitive
Conditions such as this usually depends on the readiness for pregnant Moms. Moms are sometimes so ill-natured, lazy or lazy grooming beraktivitas, also tend to be sensitive. Changes in behavior Moms because progesteron hormone production and estrogen are likely to up and down.

Moms are vigilant when worries over to be stressful and dangerous to the fetus to its behavior. The mood is not stabilized and emotions can explode the stomach acid.

Well, in the second trimester of pregnancy until the third Moms emotional condition has been stable because the start progesteron hormone, hCG down so that Moms start to become more calm, appetite improved, the skin began to clean, luminous hair. But in the third trimester, Moms need to still need the support of her husband and family to prepare for the big labor.

7. It's hard to concentrate
Some pregnant women will become forgetful or difficult to concentrate during pregnancy. Moms body of work continues to excessive development of the fetus to cause a block so that in mind Moms. But, it goes without fear and are affected will this case, make a little note to help you remember all things related to his interest you. Wherever possible take some time to rest.

8. Skin Changes

During pregnancy often arises flek as melasma in black face, fold-fold in the body such as the axilla and neck, even the middle-relief and aft on the surface of the skin of the belly.

Possible this is influenced by changes in hormones and skin hygiene. Skin around the stomach also peregangan or striae gravidarum. In some pregnant women occur more quickly or not at all, depending on the surface of the skin elasticity. If digaruk can result in injury to the dermis (skin layer in part) so that the seam will be more difficult to lose.

Moms are highly recommended in order to consume a lot of fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and white 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. can also keep Humidity skin with olive oil spread. Meanwhile, we keep the skin, especially in areas such as bending the neck or armpit area more prickly issue.

9. Nail Care and Hair Growth
Hormonal changes cause the nails will grow stronger and the hair will grow more. Even the hair can grow in unwanted places such as the face or stomach. But do not worry Moms need! This change will disappear by itself after your baby is born.


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