Monday, July 13, 2009

Wine seeds can prevent heart attacks

Do you remove the seeds of wine in the wine during meals? From now on leave because seed habit wine prevent the occurrence of heart attack. Therefore expressed Health Nutrition Society of the Institute of Agriculture Bogor (IPB), Prof.. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan.

"In wine there is in the seeds of pycnogenol," Ali said in a press meet in Jakarta on Wednesday (1 / 7). Pycnogenol is a functional brace collagen to improve the structure of the blood vessel (anti aging).

According to Ali, the more we increase the age of the blood vessel will be more fragile. "If it is so easy vein akan stopped by fat and cholesterol, called aterosklerosis," said Ali. Aterosklerosis this, added Ali, is a sign of early heart attack and stopped his heart function.

So that this does not happen, then that is needed is rejuvenate blood vessel and make it always flexible. "Once again pycnogenol which is a non-nutrient substances that are on the wine nut helpful to rejuvenate the blood vessel and make it always flexible. This is important for those who climb the age, "Ali firm.

How many consume wine? "Basically, every day we have to eat 2 portions fruit and vary each day. For wine, 1 portion is equivalent to the 6-8 vineyards. No need to every day. Each day eat not prohibited, but wine is expensive? "He said.

Associated with the threat of pesticides on the fruit skin, Ali said not to worry. Pesticides already have a water soluble, so before consuming the fruit, including wine Wash with running water and rubbed. Thus, Ali go, because the importance of seed and wine do not hesitate to eat. "Because then chewed slightly bitter swallowed it. How safe, because I will not make a blind gut, "he said.


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