Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Treat gum disease

Gum disease. you may have experienced gum disease, we now discuss about gum disease and what the drugs in the cure of sick relatives gum. gum disease is very depressed us, as a variety of tasty food that well-we can not enjoy.

Or even for drinking air be difficult, when we have gum disease is very chronic one.

Here are a few tips that may be you can try if this happens to you. because this is evident on myself.


- 5 sheets or leaves as a fresh chili sauce.

- 5 drops of water or as

how to make: take Cabe leaves in the sauce before and kucek in hand or in a fine tool to use (but should only use a hands) and do not forget dicapur with a little water and if it is green. liquids ago be lubricated before taken part in a swollen cheek. insyah gods lebih1jam less swelling and gum before gradually will return normal.


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