Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tonsil paint

Tonsillectomy a disease that causes sore throat so we, because this increase in tonsil throat. exactly what is tonsil?. the following i want to wrote a short about tonsil disease.

tonsil, or in medical science called tonsil or tonsila palatina. This system is part of the lymph gland that is located on the left side and right side to the back of the mouth cavity. Like other lymph gland, tonsil is part of the immune system, which keeps the human body from infection, especially infection of the channel on the breath and faring.

Inflammation in the tonsil is called as tonsilitis. Severe infections can result in the tonsil tonsil tumefy to be taken to surgery, but take tonsillectomy may lead to weakening the body's immune system.

Treat disease tonsillectomy

If you already feel the symptoms, try immediately use this traditional medicine, so that tonsillectomy significantly faster.

1. 3 peeled lemon fruit, then take the skin
2. boiled with 2 glasses of water to be 1 cup of water.
3. add one tablespoon honey to gargle, and be drunk


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