Friday, July 10, 2009

Tip Increase Sex Satisfaction

Keeping still good sex life requires time and effort with your pair. will difficult when we are exposed to the various other forms of fatigue.

However, with few changes or new things, you both will find a more diverting sensation. Therefore, it is important to add more excitement to the story aspects of sexual interest.

Furthermore, the time and energy you spend for a sexual adventure will soon be settled. Results will be commensurate with your effort, that is, the better the sex. save time to enjoy them. Because life is short!

Following four ways enhance sexual satisfaction for both you and the pairing.

Due to the burden of work and thought, musculature body feels tense. This prevents the flow of energy in the body, including the flow of sexual energy.

Sensual massage
Sensual massage or touch is one of the most relax and section. Massage can release the body so that when orgasm rather a maximum. Expertise relax body pair in this manner must be part of the must do list. But, in the calm off massage with sensual massage. Intention hearts make the body a partner, he sleeps.

Start at the main musculature, ie, shoulder and back, continue to massage the buttocks. Continue to part in the thigh, hands, and feet. Remember, there are thousands of nerve in the hands and feet that are very sensitive to the touch. If you did not know how to squeeze, take some time to pair with each other to discuss the body part which pleased massage. Or massage it all over her body, without thinking about the theory that it should. Do not miss the hot spot it.

Try a new position
Imagine, you already know how to make a pair with two orgasm style make. You continue to repeat it. Think you, pair are yet to feel pleasure that only the style. The long run, make for a boring routine.

If you never try a new style, how you know the style is not preferred will pair?
There is no restriction on how to make, so you can learn free imagination. Try different positions that is ready to give you the satisfaction of the same, even more.

Try a new place
Make in the new location is a fun thing to improve the quality of sex life you and your partner. Try semi-public area or take advantage of the other rooms in your home, other than in bed. The point, anything that can tickle your enjoyment.

Close eyes
Have many sexual pleasure dimension, but the most important sexual organ is the brain. When the senses are, our other senses-through the brain-sustaining work. For example, deaf people can still use the other senses to identify something, that is, through smell, taste, or vibration.

How do you take advantage of God's creation of this marvel in sexual matters? Close the eye pair to encourage awareness of its sensors. With that, he does not know where you are and what action will you do next.
touched her with your tongue. to do with soft raised sensivitas and body sensation.


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