Friday, November 6, 2009

Treat brain cancer with pigeon orchid

in this post I will provide some health tips about the efficacy of the pigeon orchid for brain cancer. We are certainly familiar with this disease who had been so familiar in the community. Brain cancer certainly heard some of us felt a chill going very dangerous disease, it can be imagined that millions of people have become victims of the violence of this disease.

Probably many around us who suffer from this disease, or maybe even one of our family members who experience it. But now you do not need to worry, because now there is traditional medicine proven to cure this disease. Probably not many of us who know about efficacy of pigeons orchids. Pigeon orchid is not only useful as a fragrant ornamental plant, but it can also treat brain cancer.

Here is how to use the pigeon orchid to treat brain cancer, we encourage you to try this powerful recipe. But remember, in fact, that can cure a disease is a God, so there is nothing wrong for us to pray to God that the disease "damn" may be gone from our bodies.

How to make it, Look below:

Take flowers, stems, leaves and roots of orchids pigeons. Then wash thoroughly and mashed smooth. After that mix with 100 cc of boiled water. Squeeze and strain, and drink once a day, Insha Allah, brain cancer that you suffered a speedy recovery in a relatively short time. Good luck.


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