Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seven Ways to Healthy Eating Reduce Cancer Risk

The people, perhaps including you, may be surprised if there are specific foods that can reduce their risk of getting certain diseases. We all know there are good healthy food for the heart, whether the same is true for breast cancer?

There was some kind of food which is known to reduce the risk of someone affected by breast cancer. What's curious?

1. Maintain a low-fat food intake, does not exceed 30 grams of fat per day. This will help maintain a balanced diet that also helps maintain weight. We store estrogen in body fat, so less fat we carry, the better.

2. Involve broccoli into your daily menu. In about a day you only need a cup of broccoli. Did you know that broccoli contains compounds that sulfuraphane scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Do not forget fruits and vegetables in the daily menu. Choose green vegetables and orange.

4. Eat tomatoes rich in lycopene. It is said that lycopene is also an agent who works to fight cancer.

5. Eat small portions but more often than once. This helps your digestive tract and improve metabolism.

6. Drink green tea rich in antioxidants.

7. Occasional consumption of dark chocolate, because scientifically proven to brown as cancer-fighting agents. But remember not to sweet chocolate, but you will not receive benefits.


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