Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to cook vegetables to stay healthy

Cooking vegetables need special tricks. wrong in the process, the nutrients and minerals can be damaged or evaporate in vain. The healthy way that recommended is consumed fresh vegetables without cooking. but, washed clean vegetables was not enough to kill bacteria and germs in the vegetables.

And also not everyone is suitable to eat raw vegetables. Different immune response or the body of pregnant women with a more sensitive, can make raw vegetables become dangerous when consumed. So there was no other way than to cook safely. Here are tips on how to cook vegetables to maintain nutritional content, although both should be in contact with high temperatures during processing.

* Baking. Leather vegetables will keep most of the nutritional value of vegetables. When grilling, vegetables must be accompanied by a high water content so as not to dry out. Vegetables from the roots is the best type for baking, such as potatoes, onions, or tomatoes.

* Steaming. Processed vegetables by steaming is probably the best way to cook all types of vegetables. This method can maintain nutrition and vegetables ripen in a short time.

* High Pressure/Presto. Cooking vegetables in a high pressure cooking will save time so that they can save nutrients. The problem is, if you are too long, even in a short period, the vegetable will become mushy. Moreover, all the vegetables have a different texture and density, so be certain types of vegetables and the appropriate period if the high pressure into the pot of your choice. As long as you can, avoid cooking vegetables with presto.


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