Monday, November 9, 2009

Dangerous of Soda water for our renal

do you like drink soda water, ok, but must be carefully with your health. because the soda water have the dangerous for the drinker. Soda water dangerous are can make our health on failed in our renal.

Because the people drink much of soda, the renal will be weak on skim segment. it is because soda water have much the gas, and it is make difficult on skim work on renal. if renal difficult on skim, it is will be failed on renal. and the last Renal will be difficult on produce the Urine.

If urine be delicate on production, it is will make the urine be soupy. and this is very dangerous, because will produce the kidney stone. the kidney stone can effect the failed on renal function and the must transplanted.


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