Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 varieties of Food That very good for Bone

I am sure, all of us really want have the good of bone. it caused the bone is the prime of body part of body, without strong bone we can't work hard or can't do any of activities. So, bone health is very important for every body.

So, at blog Post, i want to say you and tell you some thing that have and get help us for getting the bone health. want to know what is it? continuous "bone health" article. To get bone health the nature have provide us any food that keep and save our bone on healthy.

The following is 10 varieties food That very good to save Our Bone on Healthy.
1. Bone Aliment: Calcium
calcium can help on bone formation, make the bone be dense, and also the bones always on healthy even increase our age. Calcium is the important mineral in live, so pity, at this time many people do not conform the daily calcium.

2. Calcium source: Yogurt
Yogurt is the best source for calcium, many product obtain about 40% of daily calcium that needed by body, it is about 8-oz of presentation. as good consume the yogurt that law fat and free fat.

3. Calcium source: Cheddar Cheese
By decrease fat about 1,5 oz, Cheddar Cheese can fulfill about 30% calcium of our daily needed. add the cheese in the sandwich, salad, or get it with snack by crackers.

4. Calcium source: Milk
Milk is one the best of calcium source, so drink a cup of milk at every morning. because about 8.oz milk contain about 1/3 from daily needed.

5. Calcium source: Cheese
The source of calcium out of the milk are cheeses. only 1/2 slab of cheese contain about 20% calcium.

6. Prime Nutrition: vitamin D
Vitamin D always have the important part in build and protect the your bone. vitamin D help spare power of calcium.

7. Vitamin D Source: Salmon
Salmon is one of the better source of vitamin D. itis about 3,5 ozsalmon contain about 90% of daily neededof our body of vitamin D. and also salmon obtain or as resource of protein and fat-omega 3 that very good for our bone health.

8. Vitamin D source: Sereal

9. Important mineral: Magnesium

10. Important nutrition of vitamin K.

May be useful, consume it .. for guard the Bone Health


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