Monday, November 16, 2009

Head Cold Drug

It drug, i make the corn soup cream muddled by the han foot, make it is easy, only like we make the daily soup and ate when it hot, and then eat the papaya and orange muchly and drink the considerable white water and drink the formula 44 vicks drug. but this really make us be sleepy and directly ploong :d and we can't sleep, because our nose be choke. i maked the salep drug that is maked from the nutmeg and tamarind nad give alittle of water and then put at the nose and forehead.

If you hardy eat only eat the kencur with rice to allay it smell, or you eat it self.

Rheumatic is the agitate sick and annoy, lat alone the rheumatic that have be Chronic. have included to the bone, this is very diffucult to allay it. but the traditional formula to allay rheumatic is complate than medis formula. the Chronic rheumatic also can allay with the following way:

- ganda pura 225 cc
- 3 of the garlic
- 10 of the clove
- 15-20 of the black pepper
- 1/2 spoon of the black tea
- two finger of ginger

Crumble all that material except ganda pura. ofter crumble it fluffy, include all of the material to ganda cpura, stir it until rightly and use the ganda pura oil for every night at all af the body, this is also can used at morning and afternoon if the rheumatic really Chronic.

If you use the ganda pura oil and the ingredient for every day, insya Allah the rheumatic will be recuperate.


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