Saturday, November 21, 2009

Healthy Food for Healthy Babies

Newborn or a moment in his life have health conditions/clinical different. There are born or at some time experience health problems such as indigestion, malnutrition, heart problems, certain surgery, severe infections and others. In these circumstances, the baby should be given a special diet tailored to the circumstances and kilnis disease. Babies who are not undergoing clinical condition called the baby is healthy. In general, healthy baby food is divided into 2 groups, the main food is milk / white (milk substitute) and provided supplementary food when the baby has reached the age and the specific weight of fruit, biscuits, creamed foods (milk porridge), and eating soft (rice team).

This supplementary food is given when the mother's milk/white no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the baby's growth and development and should be added from other food sources. The main foods commonly known to have been the best food for a healthy baby is breast milk (milk), especially in the first months after birth. ASI provides for a healthy infant nutrition until 6 months of age, so mothers are encouraged to give exclusive breastfeeding until 6-month-old baby. But sometimes hindered healthy baby to get milk for some and others for good because of the mother or the baby itself so that breastfeeding is not possible and should be replaced with other foods breast milk substitutes.

Meal replacement is called "PASI". PASI is formulated in accordance with the conditions and needs of infants, including gastrointestinal function is still growing, age, weight, presence or absence of allergies and others. Currently there are white which is very similar to formula milk, although still can not replace breast milk with all the benefits. Breast-milk is the ideal food for babies, especially in the first months. Breast milk contains all the nutrients to build and provide the energy needed in order not to burden the function of the digestive tract (stomach and intestine) and the kidneys, produces optimal growth, has a variety of anti-infective agents, reduce the possibility of atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation that is not clear why), and extend the distance the child's birth.


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