Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raised brain tumors through the nose hole

The doctors in the UK to make a new breakthrough in neurosurgical techniques. They did surgery the tumor in the head with the aid of the endoscope through the nose or the channel termed Endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery.

Procedures done by specialists at Southampton General Hospital was intended to remove the tumor at the base of skull. To minimize injury, doctors rely on sophisticated instruments inserted through the nose channel.

Invasive surgical technique similar to the digestive organs, the doctors using endoscopy - a kind of a small flexible tube equipped with lighting and a small video camera. The tool is inserted into the body to send pictures to the television screen in the operating room.

Consultant surgeon Nijaguna Mathad and Salil Nairn said the operation technique allows them to reach the tumor at the base of the skull and the top of the bone directly. This technique was first used to remove blockages in the sinuses, and only once applied to overcome the tumor.

Previously, the neurologist should be split skull or scalp face and move on the forehead of the skull to complete the same operation. But with this new technique, surgical wound becomes very minimal.

"Access to a minimum and maximum of this invasive procedure is a breakthrough in neurosurgery," said Mr. Mathad.

One of the first patients to undergo Manthad this technique tumors with skull base erosion. Conventionally, he should undergo a cause kraniotomi bifrontal epilepsy and stroke risk. It also makes the patient should be hospitalized for several days and prohibited driving after that.

"By using the endonasal procedure endoscopik, we can reach tumors with minor disruption to the surrounding brain and not have to do surgery on the head, resulting in longer patient must stay in the hospital," said Mathad.


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