Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 Characteristics of a Healthy Man

If during the time we spent a lot of worry about illness and symptoms, perhaps now is the time we find out the signs of a healthy body, especially in men.

1. Nail color pink
Although only the tip of a finger, nail color can in fact be the best health indicators for easy viewing. In general, healthy people who have pink nail color (pink), strong, and gentle. Therefore, there's nothing wrong alert when you see a change in nail color.

Yellowish nails and slow growth could be an indication of respiratory disease. Meanwhile, grooved nails have suspected the existence of diabetes. Lack of specific nutrients, such as iron, can also cause changes in nail color.

2. Pale yellow urine color
In general, the normal color of urine varies, depending on how much the amount of water we drink. If you drink enough, the color of urine is usually more clear. Conversely if we dehydration, the color of urine will become darker.

In addition to color, watch the striking change from the urine. For example, the stinging odor or color changes to red. Consult a physician if you suspect abnormalities.

3. Generates about one teaspoon of seminal fluid
A healthy adult male is able to produce semen of about 2-5 ml of semen during ejaculation. With increasing age, the production of cement is reduced. However, if the cement produced less than 2 ml, it can be a sign hyperspermia that can affect male fertility.

Besides volume, the color of semen is also a sign of health. A healthy male semen colored white or grayish and sticky. Seminal fluid or blood accompanied much liquid needs to watch out for and consulted the doctor.

4. Heart rate 70 bpm
Heart rate at rest (resting heart rate / RHR) is a good indicator of one's fitness levels. Although RHR varies depending on age, but in healthy adult males, the normal rate of about 70-75 bpm (beats per minute). To measure it, put two fingers on the wrist veins. Then count while looking at the clock for 15 seconds. Multiply this number to get the value per minute.

5. Elastic skin
Skin elasticity is usually used as a reference for assessing one's level of dehydration. A healthy skin is elastic and returned to normal when pinched. In contrast, the dehydration of the skin will return to normal position slowly when pinched.


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