Sunday, November 1, 2009

7 Technique of Sex from 7 country

Sex is always interesting to be discussed and applied. Starting from the most polite way to invite sensation manner.

In many countries, a variety of styles and variations of sex is also a measure of harmony ML men and women. Each country has its own uniqueness and techniques for sexual relations run smoothly.

Want to know the variations ML (Making Love) in some countries? Here are a few varieties and ML techniques from seven countries.

1. From India: parades Like a Cow
Indians very purify cow. Apparently these animals can provide inspiration in the ML. But this does not mean the same style as when cows reproduce, but when you do parades of cow, you and your spouse must have bellowed like a cow. This style also participated in one of the recommended techniques kamasutra a la ML.

Technical Instructions:
Take a standing position, then place your palms on the floor. Bend your knees slightly. Men should be under the wife in a supine position. Mr. Dick stimulation until hardened, then let Mr. Mrs. Dick slipped into V from behind.

For the sake of balance, holding the husband asked his wife's waist. In this position, the buttocks must be lifted, so that Mr. Dick's easier action.

For your information, this position will allow Mr. Dick to touch the clitoris and find the G-spot with precision. To be too comfortable when you're with attractions, put a pillow to be a foot palm of your hand. Guaranteed you and your partner do not need a long time to moan.

2. From Hawaii: The Oral Flip Flop
Remember Hula Dance of Hawaii? Very sensual and exotic is not it? Hip movement Hula Girls with sexy sway to the right and the left was not only limited to dance alone. But the Hawaiian women also like it when applied to the tongue movements in the region to oral Mrs. V.

Technical bookmark:
The position of your body lying on the bed with legs open. Then let your husband's head slipped between your legs open, until his mouth 'met' directly with Mrs. V burrow already nervous from the start.

Supervisor asked her husband to perform oral sex by licking a way to move the tongue to the right and left. Begin with slow motion. When you will reach a climax, asked her husband to move more quickly.

Survey of local women's magazine wrote that the local Oral successful Flip Flop always give satisfaction to the extent very, very satisfied. Let's start doing immediately, and be one of them.

3. From Thailand: The Blessing Pump
This technique is just as boring style. But not absolute like style of a drill. Movement that you do indeed like the pump, the muscles tighten and relax while Mrs.V while Mr. Dick is in the cradle arms of Mrs V.

Technical Instructions:
This movement requires proficiency in the tightening and relaxing the muscles around the area Mrs V. When Mr. Dick has been safely in the 'grip' Mr. V, for the husband to penetrate in and out, along with that contract and relax the muscles of your hips.

However, while muscle strength needed to do. Because of the stronger muscles squeezes the rod V Mrs. Mr. Dick, then automatically the greater satisfaction that you both get.

4. From China: Kung Fu Massage
Tips 'to pursue the science of China' was a point. For the Chinese martial arts from a very famous one is able to give ML-style variant is the result you can not just dismiss it.

Hang on, do not imagine ML like kung fu martial arts, with kick-kick and scream 'ciat-ciat' which frankly is very disturbing to her husband's ear, if you are screaming like that.

The meaning is silat with a hand gesture, the Chinese massage techniques will be holding Mr. Dick was quick to duck and get the job done, when you're just getting started.

5. From Tibet: Riding Through Hips
ML science from Tibet following, practicing yoga as a full sense of relaxation. But because the title is a technique to make love, then this one technique not only relaxing but also make your desires become hot all the time.

This technique if done properly managed and correctly, is said to increase energy on yourself.

Technical Instructions:
Guided him to sit cross-legged position as'll do yoga. You sit with your legs wrapped around his waist. Start kissing each other, while doing that, let Mr. and Mrs. Dick V 'greet each other' and see that it becomes a part of.

During the procession, move your hips back and forth to a hip husband, and invite him to do a similar movement. When Mr. Dick had been in Mrs. V, time for Mr Dick clamped tightly for several moments, then release.

6. From France: French Kiss Sequel
The theory basically just let your tongue to taste each other, just as your lips and kissed each other's husband, the mission was completed it at that.

But these techniques can be practically a sequel to the French Kiss, still rely on your tongue agility skills. What makes this different is the technique is not only one another 'sweep' their tongues, but rather to explore the contents of your mouth. Curious? Learn the technical instructions.

Technical Instructions:
Closer your lips gently, but make sure your husband on the lips. Next, continue with normal tongue game. After that you start a new sequel to this French kiss with a 'wash' out the tongue couples, including palate and tooth rows if necessary.

Do it with speed up and down. The point when you felt it was eventually done with slow, speed up your speed, so continuously, rapidly and then slowed down.

Doing turns, after you've finished exploring the contents of her husband's lips, now gentian husband play in your lips. Continue until you and your husband can not bear to go to the main menu of this ML program.

7. From Japan: The Geisha Dancing Palms
ML techniques following a powerful impact over your husband's body shudder stimulated and as long as you two are ML.

This technique certainly will make your partner does not 'move slightly' and will continue to think about you all the time the next day.

With a few strokes of your hand massages in the 'area under' my husband telling him to never again say no to your ML.


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