Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy foods affect child intelligence

Maybe for you as a parent really wants your child smart and intelligent in school. But most of your desire is not achieved due to your child that you expect intelligent but were far from expectations. So what exactly is affecting children's intelligence and cleverness? The answer is easy to consume their food. Although many in the television commercials of products to enhance child intelligence but it was felt less because it is less natural. If you want your child to have better intelligence to do the optimal consumption of fruits, vegetables, protein, and high fiber foods, helping the development of intelligence and physical growth of children.

Healthy food does not have an expensive meal, but healthy foods are foods that as described above like vegetables, protein, fruits and high fiber foods. Many parents today who think that giving expensive food from expensive restaurants is already sufficient nutrition and healthy food is said but in fact the result is zero.

In addition to providing healthy food habit also familiarize your children always eat breakfast. Because in a study said that children breakfast every morning, was more focused tasks in school. Due, breakfast able to eliminate hunger and nutritional needs for the move. Now is not easy to make and shape our children are smart? Please try the tips above.


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