Monday, November 2, 2009

Diet with Rich Protein speed up metabolism

I do not hide the fact like rich protein foods, especially if you want to lose weight and maintain weight. Last month, a study found that regulate rich protein food intake showed a better effect of weight loss than carbohydrate-rich foods.

In this study, protein diet supplemented with casein or whey protein (whey obtained from cheese processing derived from cow's milk). So I became interested to read the latest study using two different doses casein to see the impact of the size of casein on weight.

In this study, as many as 24 adults (average age 25 years) tested on separate days with two different foods. One of the food contains more protein and less fat than others. Protein-rich food contains 25 percent of calories in the form of protein (casein), was 20 percent and 55 percent respectively calories come from fat and carbohydrates.

Low-protein foods contain only 10 percent of calories from protein, fat and carbohydrate, respectively 35 percent and 55 percent of calories. In each subject of study, total caloric intake of each food is the same.

For each food, one needs to spend 36 hours living in the "breathing space" to be analyzed in various ways, including energy expenditure and metabolic rate. Protein-rich foods to encourage the total energy expenditure is higher than the low-protein diet, which seems related to metabolic rate higher during sleep.

These findings strongly stated that the impact of food on body weight, not solely from the number of calories that counted. Form of calories in this study appears to have a significant impact on metabolic rate, and this has clear implications and important for those who want to lose weight or maintain ideal weight.

Food equipment in a controlled study with a very tight, and do not mimic what happens in the real world. However, this clearly shows there may be some "metabolic advantage" to eat a diet rich in protein, if weight loss is the main objective.

Eating protein-rich foods may help increase the rate at which the protein broken down and regenerated in the body (protein turnover), and this may have a positive effect on metabolic rate. In addition, protein-rich diet helps maintain muscle mass, which also helps maintain your metabolism level.

When the form of calories associated with a significant visible impact on body weight, the total number of calories is also having an impact. Interestingly, protein-rich foods that are used in this study appears to be more satisfying than low-protein diet, in accordance with previous studies, which have found that generally the protein has a greater impact than the glut of carbohydrates or fats. Moreover, the implications of protein for weight loss is evident. (Dr. John Briffa / The Epoch Times / feb)


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