Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tim Corn Meat baby food from 9 to 12 months

Baby food from corn and meat

• 50 grams of corn, shaved, crushed
• 625 ml of water
• 50 grams ground beef
• 50 grams tempeh, steamed
• 25 grams of spring greens, thinly sliced
• 25 rgam carrot, grated coarse
• 2 tsp butter.

How to make:

1. Mix the water with the corn, stir, then strain
2. Mix water and corn with tempeh meat, cook until the pulp
3. Boiled corn with water, fish and know that until it becomes mush. Enter Tempe grits that have been made.

4. Enter the spring greens and carrots, cook until the vegetables are cooked
5. Add butter. Mix well. Lift.

for 2 servings


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