Saturday, October 3, 2009

Overcoming the red eye irritation with 'betel leaf'

Tips to overcome the red eye is the result of my own experience when at home, so if you dare try to please try it, but I am not responsible if something happens with your eyes, because the drug deal was outside the red-eye scientific testing.

ok, we started it.

when my eyes red my parents told me to pick some betel leaves on the porch beside the house. Then told me to wash it and then soaking it in hot water. All I do myself.

water that has been soaked with a few pieces of betel leaf is then I used to wash my eyes. The way that time the mother's advice is to dip my eyes to a bowl or container of water with the betel leaf. Of course, after the water is no longer really hot. Lukewarm. or cold is not a problem as well.

You know what happened? A few minutes later my red eyes began to decrease swelling. Several times I was told by the mother to repeat what I did before the red eye irritation to dip into the betel leaves water immersion. And within one day after I did the traditional treatment, is amazing I have not eyes swollen and red again.

Summary overcome red eye irritation:

Picking some betel leaves
Soak the betel leaf in hot water
Wait until the marinade rather cold or cold
Dip your eyes to the immersion
Repeat until a couple of times.


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