Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chronic diseases in the modern era

Dangers of food our bodies. Changed the Genetics (Genetics engineering).

example: Beans, tomatoes, fruits, etc.
Given acid and formalin chat. Examples: fresh fish, fish salt, tofu, noodles. Preservatives, colorings, artificial flavorings.

Examples: beverage syrup, beverage and snacks, tea, rice. Antibiotics, hormones injected in the leech. Example: state chicken, beef cows, etc.. Residu pesticide, worms, germs feces. Example: raw vegetables, fruits. Bisphenol A that disrupt hormones. Example: plastic bottles.

Body immunity system constantly attacked by:
Antibiotics, x-ray, chemotherapy, vaccination, alcohol & tobacco, chemicals, surgery is not necessary, sugar & fat, radiation, smoke, drive, stress, cosmetics and foods that have been contaminated by various chemicals.

Chronic diseases in the modern era.

Not surprisingly period now appears various diseases in the 70s is very rare in human suffering. Diseases such as this we often find hag by one colleague or relative or even themselves. The day when many people died because of pain this disease. Example: kanker intestine, Goitre, Diabetes Mellitus, Kanker lung, kidneys failed, Kanker cancer, gum disease bening, Ambein Etc.

One of the biggest factors is food that is contaminated and the failure of the human body to produce poisons / toxins in the human body.


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