Sunday, October 25, 2009

TBC is the number 3 of very dangerous disease in the world

Tuberculosis disease, or commonly known as TB, is a dangerous disease that includes the world's third ranked after HIV-AIDS and heart disease, says health watchdog, Dr. MKes Setiari Ermy.

"HIV / AIDS and heart attack is still ranked number one and two, while TB is on the third of a series of other dangerous diseases," said Dr. MKes Setiari Ermy, as reported by Antara.

Ermy mention, along with the danger posed by tuberculosis, this disease is still quite a lot of numbers in Indonesia. "The number of TB sufferers in the country starting in third place after India and China," he said without elaborating Ermy number of patients.

He also explained that tuberculosis is a disease caused by germs "mycrobacterium tuberculosis" which attacked humans at the productive age. "So, people stricken with tuberculosis from infected bacteria, not merely inherited condition," he said.

This TB symptoms such as cough with phlegm up for three weeks or more, followed by fever, weight loss, night sweats with no activity. In addition, the appetite of people infected with TB will also decrease drastically, and will feel the pain in the chest and also coughing up blood.

Community who experience such symptoms, said Ermy, expected to be able to check into the nearest health center, which always will get free treatment.

"TB disease can be cured if the person doing the routine treatment for 6-8 months. If treatment on a regular basis, TB disease can be cured," he added.

Meanwhile, many people think that TB is more dangerous than HIV / AIDS. This is due, lung disease is doing to spread through the air. Accordingly, should routinely have to be disseminated TB to villages, with the hope of preventing the disease spread in the community.

For this reason, society should contribute actively as a form of care for this disease through the socialization of society. Than through socialization, prevention and eradication of TB disease should also be done through various prefentif and curative action to secure the community from the spread of this dangerous disease.


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