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Worming Medicine for Children

worming medicineWorms disease, one of this high disease happened in Indonesia. The cause of micro-sized animal parasites that take food from the intestines that contains many nutrients. The worm enters the body in the larval phase is endemic and chronic diseases that could rose sharply during the rainy season and floods.

Larval worms usually spread to various places to invade the human body. The worm enters the body through the mouth of two ways when you eat foods that are not washed and cooked after contaminated flies carrying worm larvae, as well as through the pores when a child does not wear footwear when walking on the ground.
In this way the larvae enter the bloodstream and reaches the place that allows its development as in the intestines, lungs, liver and so on.

Their development takes 1-3 weeks in the human body. The next stage of nutrition condition of the patient usually decreases so that their health distracted. If the child is left looking pale skin, more body lean and belly bulge due to lack of protein. In very heavy conditions, worms can cause inflammation of the lungs marked by coughing and difficulty in breathing, obstruction in the intestines, liver disorders, elephantiasis, and intestinal perforation. In this situation no longer helminthic help optimally. Intestinal worms found in the many areas where cleanliness under standard conditions.

The worm causes this disease include roundworms commonly found in tropical areas with high humidity. These worms live in the small intestine and only live in the human body. In addition to roundworms is also a lot of whip worms found in the tropics. The difference is where life is more frequent in the large intestine and often associated with diseases of the appendix in children. Other types of hookworm as found in most types of worldwide distribution, usually entering through the pores through the soil dipijak, and pinworms often cause itching in the anal region and the tapeworm life cycle is slightly different because usually live in bodies of animals such as cows or pigs and spread through the consumption of meat is not cooked properly.

Wormy disease prevention
To treat intestinal worms, many medications given to children worm aims to remove the worm feces immediately with only one dose of drinking. Brief looks simple, in reality, many parents are giving these drugs every six months for children to prevent this disease.

But medically not so easy to decide. Selected helminthic be considered true because not all fit on the child.
Recommendation 6 months provision is based on the worm's life cycle so as not to develop into adults. What if there was not a worm attack on the child, whether the drug is able to take precautions?

Presumably this question frequently encountered in practice doctors. Prevention goals not fully justified. The key was the problem of examination. The best suggestion is there in the first stool examination before deciding worm medication, especially parents who think their children due to the thin worms.

There are many other health conditions that might interfere with physical growth, if the problem does not lie in the disease course worm medication inappropriately. When the worm larvae found in the stool or a symptom of other, more obvious, de-worming should be given and do not always measure a standard 6 months because at times there are other indications may have been considered shorter than 6 months.

In certain circumstances, especially in rural areas who have not maintained hygiene, worms administration actions were reasonable because a series of medical studies ever done often find that the high percentage of children stricken with intestinal worms, awareness on the health of the population was less than satisfactory.

The main precautions to worms is not with the drug, but the preservation of daily hygiene starting area, where children play, the suggestion of washing hands with soap, wearing footwear when outside the home until the food hygiene such as daily washing vegetables and cooking methods that true. (waspada)

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