Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to keep eye to stay healthy

Various Exercises
the computer user's eyes
Now, almost no job that is not solved by using a computer. Working with computers, often causing many complaints on the eyes. But not to worry, the following exercises outlined several alternatives for the eye!

Eye exercises
Dr Harish S Belvi, ophthalmologist in Mumbai, explained that the regular working hours must be interspersed with rest time. When resting Dr. Harish suggested a way small and easy exercise: First, close your eyes several times. As his eyes closed, turn both eyes in the direction or anti-clockwise turns and inhale deeply. Slowly, open your eyes while releasing breath. Perform this exercise for a few minutes and repeat at least three times before you go back to work. Exercise is good for your eyes!

• Viewing distance
While working for a long time, see an object in the distance, both inside and outside the office. Viewing distance and then returned to work to help the eye to focus better. Try doing this for five to ten minutes every hour.

• Palming
Sitting straight in your chair and rub both palms of your hands until it feels warm. Then attach the palm of his hand on the eyes and relax for 60 seconds. The warmth of your palms helps soothe and relax tired eyes. Repeat this exercise two or three times if the eyes were tired, or as often as you want.

• spray on the face
When the rest splashed into the face, while closing your eyes. This relaxing effect and helps you refreshed.

• Walking
Having finished lunch, take a stroll outside the office for a few minutes. This will give enough rest for your eyes and also get some fresh air.

• Use a tea bag
Leave two tea bags in the refrigerator used before going to work. When he reached back to the house, put the tea bag in your eyes for a few minutes while relaxing. This not only soothe the tired eyes, but also eliminate the bruising.

• Drinking water
Drink lots of water, helps eliminate fatigue. When dehydration, especially in air-conditioned room, the body starts storing water as a form of self defense. This added inertia around the eyes.

• Eat healthy
Eat foods that contain vitamins A, C, and E each day; eating sour tasting fruit, green vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, chicken and milk. If I need to wrap pieces of carrot, cucumber and fresh fruit for dikudap outside mealtimes in the office.


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