Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese Diet Menu

Healthy menu does not always have a bad taste. In Niwa japanese restaurant, you'll be treated to a variety of delicious healthy dish.

Many people stop taking different types of food just to get the ideal body shape. However, now you no longer have to eat good anti order to maintain weight. We have many restaurants that present a delicious menu that did not make the body elastic.

Niwa Japanese Restaurant in, for example. The restaurant is located in the lobby of the Aston Atrium Senen Hotel and Convention Center, Senen Raya road, Central Jakarta, is the fear of fat you can throw away the taste.

Granted, the food here will not increase your weight. Japanese flavored menu, in addition to suitable consumed because it tastes to bite my tongue, also made based on the prevailing health standards.

Various menus in sunrise land that was cultivated by internationally experienced chefs, such as Salmon Hot Plate presented by using the media of natural stones are heated. Other good dishes are served the restaurant with room facilities Tepan yaki Dragon Roll is made from prawns wrapped in rice unique to Japan.

This menu is healthy because it does not contain fat and do not use many spices such as Indian cuisine, Thai, or Korean. "Japanese cuisine that we serve are menus suitable for those who are dieting. For their own good Japanese food for those who diet without the need to reduce portions," said Niwa Japanese Chef Ucup Cupiatin.

The menu is not served less interesting for lovers of Japanese cuisine, the other is the udon suki made of noodles combined with various vegetables such as chicory and greens. That makes udon suki more suitable for those who do not want to gain weight.

"So far, the public image of Indonesia on the Japanese food is synonymous with the ingredients raw. In fact, Japanese food can be cooked in any form," said Ucup. To get a healthy menu, the chef claimed to have experienced their own tricks, which reduces the use of materials that contain fats such as cooking oil.

"So far, Japanese food is always made with very little oil. So the cholesterol content in it is not much," said the chef was friendly. Still in the context treat visitors, this restaurant is also present to his guests by providing the freedom to choose healthy menu that want to enjoy. Free dish is named Ichiban Tepan Yaki.

"Basic materials can be chosen by guests, began to chicken, beef, until the various vegetables, and mushrooms, depending on the portion of each," he said. Unlike the dragon rolls, salmon hot plate or udon suki, each of which consisted of only one menu, bento lunch box comes with their own uniqueness.

For guests who book a bento lunch box will get tempura, salmon meat, beef, Japanese salad, white rice to various sauces in a large portion. "Bento lunch box ordered by many office workers. In addition to be consumed at the restaurant, the menu can also be brought to eat while in office. It is in the box to make this menu remain clean," the chef who used to cover the calls addressed these Ucup.


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