Friday, December 11, 2009

Benefits of papaya leaves in our lives

benefits of papaya leaves
Papaya (Carica papaya L.), or betik are plants that originated from southern Mexico and northern parts of South America, and now widespread and widely planted throughout the tropics for its fruit is taken. C. Papaya is the only species in the genus Carica. Name of papaya in the Indonesian language derived from Dutch, "papaja", which in turn also took from the Arawak language name, "papaya". In Javanese papaya called "Kates" and in Sundanese "papaw".

Benefits of papaya

Eat papaya flesh, both when young and ripe. The young fruit is cooked meat as a vegetable (dioseng-oseng). Ripe fruit eaten meat or as a mixture of fresh fruit cocktail. Papaya leaves are used as vegetables and meat tenderizer.

Young papaya leaves eaten as lalap (after dilayukan with hot water) or used as packing kit. By the people of Manado, papaya flowers diurap become common vegetables eaten. Sap of papaya (can be found in stems, leaves, and fruit) contain the enzyme papain, a kind of protease, which can soften the meat and other protein conformational change. Papain has been mass produced and became a trade commodity. Papaya leaves are also medicinal and feelings are used in traditional medicine to increase appetite.

Other benefits of papaya.
Merit increase appetite, to cure malaria, fever, sheep, and stomach cramps.

Way: the young papaya leaves, pounded, squeezed, strain and drink the water


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