Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The cause hypersex of the woman

Everyone agrees, if the sex fun and provide enjoyment for the perpetrators. However, the inability of husband and wife to compensate spouses is often cause uncomfortable feeling that if allowed to develop into conflict.

True sexual problems should be immediately addressed. Maybe you've heard the high sexual desire a husband, but what if it was experienced by a wife?

There are several possibilities why a wife has a burning sexual desire, while her husband is satisfied with the frequency and experienced sexual process.

Wife does not reach orgasm
Request that his wife could be caused because he did not reach orgasm or multiorgasme. Apparently, these circumstances it is often experienced wife and ranks first 60-90 percent of couples complaints.

Naturally, if the wife is always demanding "quota" is rarely paid by the husband, so having "over sized" bed of life. This condition is also sometimes experienced by a wife who was accused by her husband suffered hypersex, so it is recommended to consult the experts, not the husband who tried to evaluate themselves.

In fact, the husband may be suffering from premature ejaculation or lack of experts as to stimulate his wife, so deliberately accelerate intimate relationships. As a result, there missorgasm or pain for women during sex, because Miss V has not been explored in a condition ready for Mr. P.

The women have an excess of passion

A report mentioned, that the peak of the highest frequency of intercourse at the age of approximately 30-35 years old husband, while the wife approximately 40 years. However, the reality in society is not the case. Sexual desire is often lost before his time due to disillusionment.

However, other small possibility that the woman has excessive sexual desire. This is due to several factors, namely sensitivity to hormones or other stimulants, or abnormalities in the brain which is the largest sex organ.

The woman likely to reach the Big O
There are groups of women who are always able to enjoy intimate relationships, and always have an orgasm even multiorgasme. It could also be caused by the husband can compensate by extending the game before the orgasm, but still able to control himself.

According to experts, the self-examination regularly to the doctor or psychiatrist is the best way to solve this problem. Having done the analysis and interviews can be identified early stage as symptoms of mental or physical.

When his wife suffered hypersex, action to be taken one of them through incentives treatment by psychiatrists or psychiatric disorders because one sex is experienced by women is more psychological.

The next step is to conduct laboratory tests. From the results of these tests is further handling by a psychiatrist through the addition of some drugs to ease hypersexual couples.

Do not buy the market as a drug phentermine not necessarily strongly recommended by a psychiatrist because many drugs contain similar properties in question. For information, 90 percent of such drugs Viagra and the like have not proven medically efficacious for your sexual activity.

Intensive treatment than with drugs can be done with psychotherapy. Handling starts from ejaculation or rejaculation seen from the results of previous interviews had been conducted. From the results of new tests will be seen that the actual conditions and how to overcome them.


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