Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The signs of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus (DM) (from the Greek word διαβαίνειν, diabaínein, "transparent" or "shower", and the Latin word mellitus, "sweetness") commonly known as diabetes is a disease characterized by hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar levels) constant and varied, especially after eating. Other sources mention that the reference to diabetes mellitus is a chronic state of hyperglycemia accompanied by metabolic disorders due to hormonal disorders, which cause a variety of chronic complications in the eyes, kidneys, and blood vessels, with lesions in the basal membrane with the electron microscope examination.

All types of diabetes mellitus have similar symptoms and complications at advanced level. Hyperglycemia itself can lead to dehydration and ketoacidosis. Long-term complications include cardiovascular disease (double the risk), chronic renal failure (major cause of dialysis), retinal damage which can cause blindness, and nerve damage that can cause impotence and gangrene with risk of amputation. A more serious complication is more common when blood sugar control worse.

The signs of diabetes mellitus

1. Excessive thirst.
2. Frequent urination is excessive (large volume)
3. Quickly felt tired / lack of energy
4. Infection in the skin
5. Blurred vision (Blind Chicken)
6. Weight loss (in some patients)
7. Hyperglaisimia (abnormal increase in blood sugar content)
8. Glaikosuria (glucose in urine - urine)

The disease characteristics of diabetes mellitus above is indicating that the immune system / immune system you are running out of power, what should we do:

# Check yourself to the doctor & test laboratory
# Expand sports
# Reduce sugar consumption
# Just sleep
# Controls blood sugar regular
# Eat a balanced nutrition and planned
# No smoking
# Avoid working too much,

want any more information, Consultation with the doctor

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