Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Treat your acne with potatoes

Fed up with acne that often came to visit? gimana do not know anymore how to cope with acne who can not stand it? Traditional acne medicine from potatoes is worth a try. There was some testimony from the World member who has proven she efficacy of this acne medication.

It's easy, peeled 2 potatoes, then the juice. Drink once a day. If the acne is reduced, can be reduced by drinking it 2x a week. But get ready for it, he said it felt unpleasant. Yes but it is rarely 'drug' that tastes good:)

But if your tongue hard to accept the taste of potato juice, try to make gado without the juice alone. Yeah sure it's the same-same, but because of crunchy and Kriuk-Kriuk, may be more acceptable by the tongue.
Ok, try it, may success, want to look another article


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