Friday, December 4, 2009

Surefire way to cure liver disease

liver disease May be one of a very dangerous disease is liver disease, why not the liver disease may cause a people on death. So, care health before we obtain the disease, especially liver disease. But to day, i want to write a little about liver disease that very afraid among us now days.

Liver disease would have sounded familiar in our ears. Chronic liver disease that can lead even death and often patients must be hospitalized in a long time. With the high cost of health care today and not everyone is able to finance the cost of inpatient hospital costs soared, then perhaps alternative medicine with traditional ways can be done, especially for those who do not have enough funds for inpatient treatment in hospital . It is not advisable to consume this traditional herb with antibiotic drugs given by doctors, because although very rare, but in order to prevent any toxicity or complications should you need to decide early on whether choosing to use alternative to traditional medicine , or just use the medicine given by doctor. Here are some healing potions information liver disease that can be selected or even tried them all and there are no harmful side effects (if not consumed with antibiotics given by a physician), because treatment with the traditional ways are even more potent and not harmful.

Pare the fruit that tastes bitter, is one cure for liver disease. How to consume them can vary. The fruit can be eaten raw or shredded and taken just water to drink. Fruit and water should be consumed three times a day after meals Mengkudu fruit (Morinda citrifolia) is known to smell a little less tasty can also efficacious cure liver diseases. The trick is to squeeze fruit mengkudu water and mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey, lemon juice and a little salt. Concoction is then shaken until frothy and mixed flat, then that is taken three times daily after every meal on a regular basis.

Another way is to drink boiled water red betel leaf (Piper betle L. var. Rubrum) is useful to treat diseases other than liver can heal acute diabetes. How to make a brew, that is by washing 6 red betel leaves to really clean, then boiled in 4 cups water (800ml) to boil and left only 1.5 glasses. Water boiled red betel leaf that tastes very bitter, should be taken three times daily after every meal with a drink at least half a glass or if able to spend a full glass would be better. For those who can not stand the bitter, can also add 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey in order to feel a little more sweet.

Cooking water weeds (Imperata cylindrica var. Major) can also be utilized as a healer liver disease. The trick is to boil the roots of 60 grams of dried reeds in 3 cups water to boiling and allowed to evaporate until only remaining approximately 1 cup. Cooking water is taken twice a day after lunch and dinner, each course as much as half a glass. This herb should be taken for at least 10 consecutive days for patients with chronic liver stage.

Water boiled sweet star fruit tree roots (Averrhoa carambola) is also proven effective to cure liver disease. Brew made from 12-15 grams of sweet starfruit tree roots that have been dried, then boiled up with 6 cups boiling water and then strained and taken cold three times daily after meals.


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