Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to maintain brain health, so the brain can think well

The brain is the place where we store the memory or the memory of our lives and is a tool to think that far better than the animal's brain. We can memorize the songs, remembering the past in love with the beautiful, dreamy nonsense, concentrated work on test questions, and others all involve the brain.

Because the brain is one of the vital organs in our body there, then it should we keep and care for the brain to not come up short and error. Brain which an error can make people become crazy, camen or mentally handicapped, mentally ill, hallucinations, paranoia, and so forth.

Here are tips on how to care and health care for the human brain:

1. Not taking drugs and smoking

With love to smoke or take drugs to brain damage and loss functions. In addition the brain become vulnerable to various diseases ranging from mild to severe. There were heavy smokers who did not smoke it if he can not think well, but it was all nonsense that is the only suggestion. Be careful and cautious also with addictive substances and additives that can damage our brains.

2. Lack of Sleep and rest his brain

Our brain needs sufficient rest after a day of activities both lightweight and heavy. Let's not think too much heavy that require concentration and brain power and maximum employment. Rest of the brain can be by doing something relaxing like a nap, with light music, talking together close friends, watching comedy movies, etc.. With enough sleep for 6 to 8 hours, then the brain will be used to maximum.

3. Eating for the Wrong And Not Healthy

Eat nutritious food and sufficient for the human brain requires a sufficient supply of nutrients to do the work and to grow. Get used to breakfast every morning with food that is not too heavy but enough nutrients. Not too much to eat so obese that can clog the arteries of the brain. Consumption of sugar was not too much so as not to hinder the absorption of protein and nutrients in our bodies.

4. Lack of Oxygen and Air Pollution Pollution

The brain requires sufficient oxygen for optimal activity. Avoid places with high pollution and the air polluted or toxic fumes. Use a mask when doing long-polluting activities or smoky places but not for too long so we do not shut down carbon dioxide poisoning. Improve air circulation or ventilation air if the room is stifling and claustrophobic.

5. Thinking Avoid Too Loud

People are stressed or depressed are used brain kept thinking about something that is not the base of the tip so that the body will be affected too negetifnya become ill effects. If your stress / depression should be direct vent or guidance counseling with a trustworthy person that we have a solution / way out the problem or at least ease our minds. If you're sick do a lot of thinking to a speedy recovery.

6. Blunt brain / So Rarely Used
If you do not want to have a problem with weak brains, then you need to train our brains to use to think that stimulate the brain stimulation as a learning, critical thinking, arguing, playing puzzle games, play music, and so forth. If rarely used, the brain would be weak and shrink and eventually we become the weak brain.


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