Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watch out, Santan Improve Cholesterol

Dishes during the month of fasting was impressed even more special than ordinary days. For most people, less if the breaking of the fast afdol unaccompanied bersantan compote and other foods. But be careful, consume too much food bersantan can cause bad cholesterol (LDL) increases.

"Coconut milk is dangerous to koresterol because it contains saturated fatty acids or unsaturated fat. In contrast to the unsaturated fat in avocados, that is unsaturated fatty acid which is not dangerous," said Ann Soenarta dr.Arieska, Sp.JP, consultant on the sidelines kardiologis Living Control Cholesterol Control event, held by Pfizer at Jakarta, Thursday (19/08/10)

According to doctors, Ann, is very important to maintain your diet when breaking fast. "80% intake of the food intake is to determine cholesterol levels. So what you eat can increase the risk of increasing cholesterol," the doctor said that the daily practice in RS.Jantung Harapan Kita Jakarta.

Coconut milk as fast food is okay, but the amount is limited. "If allowed to eat food iftar bersantan, but do not limit although the coconut milk over it tasty and can increase appetite," he said.

Added by him, cholesterol is a disease that can be present because of a long process. "If you eat (food coconut milk) every now and then it does not matter, does not directly increase cholesterol. Cholesterol is a progressive disease. But if the food during the 10 days it automatically cholesterol coconut milk continues to increase," he explained.

To maintain good health during the month of Ramadan, the doctor Ann suggested that we should eat a varied diet. "Balance in eating fruits and vegetables," he said. In addition to coconut milk, which also needs to be restricted is makananan intake of high sugar-containing and unsaturated fats, such as fried or fatty meat.


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