Sunday, August 15, 2010

The signs will Childbirth

For those of you who experienced their first pregnancy, may experience errors like this. Many other women in the world mistakenly interpret the contractions of the uterus is not fixed, which is a "sign of the birth of lies", as a sign that will bear the truth.

Usually because a sudden panic, waiting for the birth mother who is soon leaving for the hospital. However, they reached the hospital, the doctor said that was not time for delivery.

In order not experienced anything like that, it's good listening tips from The American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists following, which gives the comparison between the actual sign in labor with a mock birth:

1. If you will give birth to the truth, the contraction lasts about 30 seconds to 70 seconds, and getting closer to giving birth contractions happen more frequently. At birth sign lies, the pain is not consistent and did not occur more often when ongoing.

2. When the pain and contraction continues, even if you change your body position and walk around the room, a sign will be the actual birth. If the pain is gone when you perform the movement, rest, or change the position of the body, it is a sign of the birth of lies.

3. The pain about to give birth is very strong, and the longer the pain was getting stronger, and continues. At birth sign lies, pain can be weakened or remained the same intensity as time passes.

4. if the birth sign of pain in the stomach lies in front, on the sign of the actual birth of the pain often starts in the lower back area and then move toward the front.

If in doubt with something you think as a sign to give birth, she quickly pick up the phone, ask for advice from your obstetrician. No need to panic.


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