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Coconut milk food, can trigger Gall Stones

Coconut milk food, can trigger Gall Stones

IN general, food that was served on the day of Idul Fitri is a special food. Opor Call it chicken, goat curry, rendang, pastries and wet, and others. But generally the foods that contain lots of fat.

What happened on the day of Idul Fitri is a lot of people eat foods that contain fat. As there is a tendency "revenge" for not being able to enjoy such foods during Ramadan. "And the food (fat) is usually mostly made from coconut milk," said dr Prasna Pramita SpPD.

It is not wrong you eat fatty foods. Why? Because the body needs fat. "Functions for giving coating on human bone-shaped so that," continued Dr. Prasna. New will be a problem if the excessive fat consumed. If you have excessive fat deposition could occur in the body. And this makes the liver cells work harder to produce bile.

Just to note, in bile-green-brown. Bile plays a role in the process of absorption of fat and some vitamins such as A, D, E and K. "Because the fat is usually a lot. Importance of bile in digestion especially the absorption of fat, "said dr Prasna. The liquid stored in the gallbladder bile is stored in the gallbladder which lies below the liver. Shaped like a pear. Gallbladder accommodate as many as 50 ml of bile. Length is about 70-10 cm. These organs are connected with the liver and duodenum through the bile ducts.

Well, what happens when we consume food containing fat was excessive? Will occur or the birth of many diseases. One of them is gallstones.

"Well, if people have already had the talent, already have cholesterol, there will be more piles of cholesterol. And so could spark gallstones. Tendensinya could have up to 30 percent, "said Dr. Prasna. Gallstones can form due to increased cholesterol levels in the body and the heart can no longer issue them.

Gallstones are formed gradually. First, the excreted cholesterol that can not be settled. "As is usually the gall wall thickening also occur. And that if in-ultrasound visible thickening occurs, "continued Dr. Prasna. It triggers chemical changes in the bile. This change is called gallstones.

Gallstones can also be caused by a heap of other substances such as piles of pigment billirubin and calcium salts that form solid particles such as crystals. So that its characteristics were different. Gallstones are formed from piles of yellowish cholesterol and looks shiny like oil. While gallstones are formed from stacks of black pigment billirubin but hard or dark brown but fragile.

Incidence of gallstones can cause various problems when entering the digestive tract, small intestine. Sometimes gallstones are also frequently appeared on his own bile ducts. When there are gallstones in the gallbladder can lead to inflammation called acute kolestitis. That's because the fraction of gallstones in the bile ducts that cause excessive pain.

Symptoms that appear similar to the symptoms of gastritis because the location of the gallbladder adjacent to the stomach. Do not even think that people rarely have heartburn when there is bile duct gallstones.

"The symptoms are not typical there. Mild symptoms like bloating, nausea, vomiting. If you eat fat, become more sick, belch more frequently, and the flue gas, "explained Dr. Prasna.

Because the symptoms are not typical and very similar to the ulcer, patients usually come to the doctor with the complaint. Gallstones new light after an ultrasound examination.

Actually, unlike gallstone symptoms ulcer. This can be seen from the propagation and frequency of pain. In patients with ulcer, pain, or pain usually develops slowly until the great. While on gallstones, the pain can appear suddenly with pain that is and then can just disappear.

"When you have pain, symptoms of colic is often the case," he added. And these symptoms will occur repeatedly.

Enforcement is done by ultrasound diagnosis. Equipment is directed to the body and the reflected wave will be read by a computer system. Or it could be X-ray examination and blood tests in the laboratory.

Women's potential is suffering from gallstones. The possible occurrence of gallstones increases with age. Some people are also potentially more easily attacked by gall stones, such as people undergoing weight-loss program fast. The reason, losing weight fast by any means, calorie diets or with surgery, causes cholesterol gallstones in 50 percent of the people who run the program.

People are often associated with birth control pills and hormone therapy are also at risk of gallstone attack. Similarly, the Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum (small intestine). Gall stones are formed due to Crohn's disease patients experiencing lack of bile acids is sufficient to dissolve the cholesterol in bile.

Treatment is by resting the bag or gall bladder. Treatment or therapy that is usually done is to provide a combination of drugs Chenodeoxycholic Acid (CCDA) and Ursodeoxicholic acid (UDCA).

"Treatment CCDA combination therapy (reduce the synthesis of cholesterol) and UDCA (reducing absorption of cholesterol) is expected to be able to cure gallstones with no side effects," please dr Prasna.

However, based on research, these therapies not only can prevent and get rid of gallstones.

To be able to remove gallstones, and equipment necessary medical action. There are two options that can be done. "Laparoscopy or regular surgery," he said.

Laporoskopi only cause scars like a stab in the stomach and the process using computer control. While surgery usually have a clear cause scars tear. In essence, the medical action undertaken aims to lift a bag or gall bladder. As a result, patients could no longer eat foods that contain fat. "Because nobody else will process the fat in the body," explained Dr. Prasna.
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