Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prevent Stroke with Know the risk factors

Stroke is a health problem in Indonesian. In the estimate 2-3 million people in this country have suffered a stroke. Although a stroke is often associated with old age, in fact, more and more initial 30 year-old man who suffered a stroke. In addition to causing disability, stroke can also cause death.

However, if you prepare yourself from now, you can memangksa most of your risk factors. "This disease can be prevented," according to dr.Sutarto Prodjo Disastro, Sp.S, head of public relations counseling and Stroke Foundation of Indonesia in the event that the Control Cholesterol Control diadakano Life Leh Pfizer in Jakarta, Thursday (19/8/10).

Stroke is a brain attack that may arise due to sudden interruption in blood flow due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain so that brain cells are deprived of blood, oxygen or food substances that resulted in cell death in a short time. "If the dead brain cells can not regenerate or grow back, so be careful with stroke," said Sutarto.

Men do have a greater risk of stroke, but in recent decades into the same chances in women. "Women tend to be more stressful to have two roles, namely, career women and housewives," said dr. Arieska Ann Soenarto, Sp.JP (K), from RS.Jantung Harapan Kita Jakarta.

To help reduce the risk of stroke, try checking the following:

- Check blood pressure
Many people who do not know they have hypertension, because these diseases have no symptoms from the outside. Your blood pressure checked by at least once a year for control of hypertension is the thing that is not negotiable in the prevention of stroke.

- Check cholesterol
There are many reasons why high cholesterol levels in the blood, including diet, obesity and smoking habits. Lowering cholesterol is important, regardless of your age and health condition. The recommended safe limit is less than 160 mg / dl. Choose the type of foods with low fat content.


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