Sunday, August 15, 2010

Know Tool Helper Normal Delivery

Because of various things, could have been obstacles in the process of giving birth so that appropriate assistance measures. Some conditions that create a natural birth process require assistance include weak contractions and pregnant women would no longer push.

Facing such circumstances, the birth attendants will certainly take action assistance. One of them by wearing hearing aids, known as forceps delivery and vacuum.

1. Forceps or pliers
Forceps shaped like a pair of pliers. This tool resembles a pair of metal spoons tied together in the middle (like scissors). The front of the spoon leaves usually called arches have holes and the head (cephalic curve) corresponding to the shape of the fetal head and arch your pelvis (pelvic curve) in accordance with the form of maternal pelvic cavity.

This tool not only serves to draw the head of the fetus, but also used to rotate the head of the fetus if the fetus has not been in the right position for birth. The use of forceps, which found Dr. Peter Chamberlain, has been very popular throughout the world.

Before a doctor decides to use forceps assistance, there must be strong reasons to support it, one of which is irregular contractions coming or going very weak contraction. Another factor is if the expectant mother feels tired or position of the baby's head does not rotate properly.

2. Vacuum
The advantage of this tool is no pressure on fetal head and does not take a lot of places in the pelvic cavity. Similar to the use of forceps, vacuum equipment is used only during the fetal position already in the pelvic cavity.

Vacuum tool shaped like a funnel of metal that will be pasted on the back of the head. This funnel will be spliced with rubber tubing which functions to suck the air. Gradually, the air will be sucked up so tightly in a funnel attached to a baby's scalp. Then, the baby will be slowly withdrawn along with the arrival of contraction.

Indication of actual use of the vacuum with the use of forceps, vacuum only be used when opening a minimum of 8 cm and the mother is still a strong push though not with full force. Action of vacuum is not recommended for premature babies childbirth.

Babies who are born with vacuum action will have a little bump or deformity is called the head or the head sefalhematom. This form is harmless and will go away spontaneously within two weeks.

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